Other Products

Wheat Straw

Every year we bale the straw off of our wheat fields into small square bales. These can be used for a lot of things, from animal bedding to garden cover. 

Pest Control Products

We carry a small line of pest control products. We have glueboards to catch mice and other small pests and aerosols and sprays that control a wide range of bugs

Irrigation Polypipe

We are a dealer for Delta Plastics irrigation polypipe. We also carry the polypipe patches as well for those times you have a hole you'd like to patch

Black Walnut Hulling

In 2017 we became a balck walnut hulling station for Hammons Products out of Stockton. When the walnuts start falling off the trees you can gather them up and bring them in to sell to us. You are paid based on the weight after hulling.